Daniel is a photographer from Richmond VA, who joined our tour, with a personal desire to capture the Donegal landscapes through his camera lenses…

He shares with us the beauty of this tour on his website.

Here is his testimonial. Enjoy!


“After a nine-day tour of County Donegal, with a fine group of travelers. We started as strangers and ended friends.

Our main base was in Lecany, Inishowen, Co. Donegal, a wonderful place of beauty with great hosts, breakfasts and a warm peat fire burning when we returned each evening. We covered many miles touring the coastline and interior areas of interest, including castles, bays, loughs, ancient monastic sites and some fine pubs. And to categorize the photos of these locations we visited was just about impossible.

We had an enjoyable time thanks to Neil, who had the depth of knowledge and the gift of gab. Thanks also to Neil for his hospitality and music.

Thanks also to our fellow travelers for their photos, too.”


This is the link to Daniel’s Website!


Daniel Harrington Photography

Photos of County Donegal

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Ardath Youngblood
October 5, 2019
So beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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