March Madness Sale – Save $350 per Person!

We’ve gone mad! We are offering you a chance to take your dream vacation to Ireland for only $2149 per person — a savings of $350 off our regular price of $2499! Pick a date, book your trip, and let us take care of the rest… You will get to experience what our beloved Wild Westies have called “a gift to yourself”, “a tour that defied all expectations”, “the trip of a lifetime”, and “something that far exceeds any other tour company of any caliber.”

Don’t just take their word for it — sign up and find out for yourself!

This exciting offer applies to the following tours /dates:

Wild West Irish Tour-Signature

  • May 17-May 24
  • June 6-14
  • June 16-24
  • June 28-July 6
  • July 22-30
  • August 17-25

To take advantage of this special offer, use coupon code MAR when checking out!

This offer expires March 31, 2017. Sorry, not valid for prior purchases.


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