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Eileen D. – US

Nine days next to Heaven! I had been to Ireland before, twice actually, but I wanted my children and grandchildren to experience it too. My dear husband said, “Plan it!”, and off I went to the Internet to explore my options to visit Ireland once again, this time with 10 other people tagging along.

When I came across Wild West Irish Tours, I knew I had found exactly what I needed for my active family. After reading reviews and talking to Trish I was comfortable booking the trip and airline tickets for the family, almost a year in advance. It did not take much convincing, but am certain that some in the family thought it could be a trial to have so much togetherness.

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Rita T. – Maryland, US

My husband Mel and I were privileged to enjoy the Wild West Irish Signature Tour. It was a wonderful experience, far beyond our expectations! Each day was packed with adventures, new experiences, and learning about the history and culture of Ireland, yet there was never a feeling of being rushed or herded about like a typical tour. Everything about how the tour was organized was excellent and everyone involved was top-notch – the drivers, the expert guides, and our wonderful host at Yeats Lodge, Geraldine. We could not have felt more welcome in Ireland.

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Bob, Becky, and Ashley

Ardath – New Jersey

Lois E. – Illinois

I just completed my first “Heart of the Wild West” Signature tour.

I say my first because I know I will go on another one. You learn so much about Ireland. We met with archaeologists, historians, artists and musicians. Everyone was so friendly, accommodating and fun. The other people on the tour were great. This was my first small tour and I will never go on a coach tour. We visited places that coaches could never go to.

I loved the fairy glen, beaches and the B and B that we stayed in for the week. Many thanks to Michael, Trish, Geraldine and the entire Wild West Irish Tours team, the new friends I made for a great and unforgettable experience.

Elaine & David

Jacquie and Janelle

Sue K. – Saugerties, NY

My husband and I signed up to take the Wild West Signature Tour several months before it was scheduled to leave. I eagerly read every post and blog on Facebook I could about the tour, which whetted my appetite for our trip. But nothing could have prepared me for how truly wonderful and amazing it was.

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Virginia & Michael – New Mexico

Yvonne and Brenda – Pennsylvania

Darcy B. – New Mexico

After reading the reviews on Wild West Irish Tours, I thought I had found the perfect fit for my next trip to Ireland.

One of my sisters and I went on the Signature Tour….it was everything I wanted and so much more.

Everyone was so nice and friendly. I loved the small group and feel I have made new friends.

Senan is such a good driver and guide. If I lifted my camera, he would ask if I wanted him to stop. Geraldine is a warm and friendly hostess with a great sense of humor. The food at the Lodge and all the places we ate was delicious.
All of our tour guides were knowledgeable and friendly. You could tell they were really interested in their subject, not reciting a script.

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Erin B

As a single person, I appreciated the size of Wild West Irish Tours. Keeping the groups small & intimate helped my comfort level. I didn’t feel like a single person lost in the crowd.

My stay at the B&B was wonderful. Joyce & Mervyn were wonderful hosts. Having been to Ireland previously, staying in a different B&B each night was great but comes with its own challenges. Staying in one location definitely had its benefits. Touring the farm with our B&B hosts was likewise wonderful and educational.

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Rusty and His Grandchildren

David & Randy – Hilton Head, South Carolina

Cynthia – Quebec, Canada

“Where peace comes dropping slow…”

“As an author, I went to Ireland to do a little research for a few stories I’ve had on my mind, while enjoying a “working vacation.” On a personal level, I was looking for peace, a healing after a tragic loss in my life—the loss of my dearest friend, the friend who’d promised to show me Ireland.
I found both on my Wild West Signature Tour.

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Ron and Phant

The May Wild West Pilgrimage was perfect for opening the door to spring and to ourselves. Bealtaine, the fire festival of the Celts, initiated us with flowers on the threshold. But more than journeys to special green places with magic wells, rugged coastlines, nestled valleys at the base of mountains, pastoral scenes of sheep and cows, there were also journeys turned inward with gifted guides to accompany us.

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Tara – Long Island

David and Barbara

Christine J

Words cannot express what an incredible time we had in Ireland! Incredible memories were indeed made. The small group tour was certainly the way to go. I was impressed with Wild West Irish Tours from the get go. The knowledge and professionalism of all of the guides were truly remarkable…everything was superb.
I cannot say enough about our guides and B&B. What lovely individuals we got to spend the week with!
I have already given the tour rave reviews to so many people. I still need to go on your website to do a review as well.

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Paul and Marilyn


Donnie F.

I hardly know where to begin…maybe with a quote from John O’ Donahue…
“Always in a pilgrimage there is a change of heart, and a change of mind.” And, yes, for me there were both.
The tour you facilitated provided such a sweet balance of poetry, solitude, conversation, myth, story, and beauty. Who could ask for more?
Our group was amazing, and so inspiring. I was encouraged to see through new eyes, and understand in new ways…all because 5 people took a chance.
Thank you Michael, Trish, Geraldine, Michael Q., Michael R., Pius, Regina, Laura, Simone, Mary and Declan, and to the many others who worked so hard to make our pilgrimage unforgettable. (Now to find ways to integrate all I learned about Ireland and myself into my everyday sacred life.)



Charles and Margaret Ann

“My husband and I had an absolutely wonderful time on our Wild West Irish tour! This was Charles’ first trip to Ireland and we are already talking about when we can go back- of course as Wild Westies! The highlight for Charles was the music- arrangements were made for him to play in a couple of pubs with other prominent musicians and for me the best part was seeing where The Quiet Man was filmed. The conscious effort to make sure everyone had their interests met was above expectations. We will be back…” Well, Charles and Margaret Ann are indeed coming back for the Wild Atlantic Causeway Coast Tour!!

Marie – Texas

Dr. Mira – New York City

Judy Williamson, Director, Napoleon Hill World Learning Center & Executive Director, OG Cares Foundation

As writer Paul Tournier wrote, in words that speak to both the armchair traveler and the traveler leaving home for fulfillment and adventure, “The real meaning of travel, like that of a conversation by the fireside, is the discovery of oneself through contact with other people.”

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Mala – Colarado

Debbie – Texas

Mary Ellen – Sebring, Fl

“Truly the most wonderful trip you can take. It is a gift to yourself to do this. I have traveled to many places but this Wild West Irish Tour, stands as the most wonderful experience of all. there was friendship, history come alive, outrageous scenery, laughter, and peace. the scenery is wonderful for doing some introspection and finding your inner peace. There are no words to truly give justice to these trips. I truly believe that we came as guests and left as friends. Where else could you have a wonderful history guide jump in your car and drive around the route of the Spanish Armada for a few hours? Seriously? I still have trouble believing we experienced this. And let us not forget singing and dancing in Ellen’s Pub (400 year old thatched pub)  that Friday night!!! I never wanted to leave. I have had a deep longing in my heart since returning home and I know that I must return to Ireland. It is in my heart and soul, the birthplace of my grandmother. So, in august 2017 I will be one of the lucky ones to experience another Wild Westie tour. I am counting the days. The most unforgettable adventure ever and I just smile to myself every time I think of it or look at the stunning photos. Thank you so.”


Natalie and Judy

Samantha –  Boston, Ma

“To put to words what this (Wild West Irish Celtic Pilgrimage) experience meant to me would be trying to weave a tapestry from fairytales and stardust. Less poetically and with more practicality, this tour [and that word does this event so little justice it’s almost insulting] defied all expectations and shattered all preconceived ideas of what an exploration of the Wild Irish West could be.

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Rick and Pat

Nancy Fitzgerald, Pennsylvania, USA

“The West of Ireland is a magical, mystical place, and I’m so grateful to Michael and Trish, (owners of Wild West Irish Tours) and tour guide Senan—and their team of home-grown guides—for showing it to us. The ancient Celts called the West a “thin place,” where the veil between heaven and earth seems to disappear, and as we trudged across the Burren in the path of a sixth-century saint, it was easy to see why. I’ll always treasure our walk to St. Colman’s cave on a gray, misty morning, making our way across rocks and through mud, to find a holy place that seemed to transform all of us in simple, subtle ways. Thanks to Pius, retired schoolteacher, indefatigable guide, and very cool guy, for bringing us off the beaten track to this lovely corner of the world where we drank cold, clear water from a primeval well. We’d never have found any of it on our own. And as if that weren’t enough, after lunch it was off to a megalithic portal tomb, sitting unceremoniously in the middle of a field.

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Liz and John Peters

Jacqueline, Janelle, Joanie and Rusty, Baltimore, Maryland

“To fully understand what an amazing experience we had with Wild West Irish tours, I feel I need to share why we chose Ireland and why we chose WWIT. When I graduated college, my parents told me that I could go on a trip anywhere in the world with my younger sister to celebrate graduating a year and a half early. After talking to my sister, we both quickly decided that since she would be getting the same offer a year later, we would much rather travel with our parents and not just their money.

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Lucinda, Wanda, and Vicki

Rob and Judy

Marcy McCann, Strasburg, VA

“The general consensus is that this Wild West Irish Tour excursion was at least four times more than we expected. The culture, the history, the scenery, the many many many to many stops for delicious food, The innkeepers, Senan, (our main guide) The various tour guides and locations we visited, The hiking and the horse rides were all more than any of us expected. The ladies from Connecticut don’t want me to tell anybody how magnificent the trip is because they’re afraid that too many people come and they won’t be able to book again. Now we understand why so many Westies go on multiple trips. You (Michael) and Trish (owners of WWIT) have truly created something that far exceeds any other tour company of any caliber.”