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The post this week is a little personal as this writer is headed back across the Atlantic to the Wild West of Ireland again for a second round with Wild West Irish Tours. It’s a big deal! I’m very excited. Almost everything is ready to go…the packing situation, however, could always do with some fine-tuning.

The blogger. Photograph by Wild Westie Debbie Walker-Spies



The first time I went to Ireland on a Wild West Irish Tour, I had no idea what to bring with me – other than the suggested layered clothes, adapter, and passport. Oh, and a loofah. Those seemed to be the essentials – but I also grievously over-packed and was left with a suitcase larger than myself and an enormous backpack to haul around. Too much junk that wasn’t needed – being a worrier, typically, I doubled up on just about everything. For someone who typically tries to take up as little space as possible, this wasn’t ideal.

So this time I’m packing with one of our mottos in mind: expect great things in simple places. Recently I’ve been learning to roll my clothes for more economic options spacing. I found my long-lost windbreaker, and doubled up only on the socks I typically pack. But I also turned to the Wild Westies for some assistance in case I missed anything this time – and to avoid the sin of over-packing.


Geraldine – to the far right in the blue vest!

The consensus from many people was the same: good shoes for hiking/walking, layered clothing, a waterproof jacket, wool socks (or at least thick ones)…Geraldine Gibbons, our friend and keeper of a splendid Irish B&B, had the additional suggestion of packing a fleece: the ideal layer, especially during the evenings. Plus you might be able to get up close and personal with a sheep or two! An “Irish uniform”, as Geraldine puts it, seems to be warm clothes that deflect the mists and gusts.


Wild Westie Mary Ellen Powrie!

A couple of important outliers are a camera – and for those using their phones as cameras, Mary Ellen Powrie had the great suggestion of using a portable battery pack that could be recharged and used on the go. In her words, this meant absolutely “no worry about missing that perfect photo.” You’ll find there’s quite a few opportunities for beautiful photos in the Wild West of Ireland – and inspiration for all the arts, actually.

Wild Westie Cynthia on an adventure!

Talented author Cynthia Owens also had the brilliant suggestion of “a notebook to record every fascinating detail of the trip.” If that isn’t just the most writerly thing you’ve ever heard…she’s right, though. It’s also nice at the end of the day to jot down your thoughts and feelings on what you’ve done so far. There’s details that come to you later, and are wonderful to share with others.


Some things aren’t as easy to pack as a toothbrush or sleep mask, though – the incorporeal concepts are the ones most difficult to grasp; and some have to be unseen carry-ons….or visible ones, if you feel like, as a couple Wild Westies suggested, bringing a smile with you.

And it’d be hard not to, considering where you’re going.

Wild Westie Lynda in blue to the right!

An open mind and willingness to try are two outliers that manifest unseen – adventures are about embracing the unexpected and feeling it fully. “Willingness to try”, a thought courtesy of Wild Westie Lynda Clifford, suggests emboldening oneself and experiencing new things – whether it’s exploring an unknown glen in which fairies are rumored to dwell, horseback riding via scenic route, or simply treading where ancient Celts built monuments of sacred stone.


What do YOU recommend bringing with you on a trip to the Wild West of Ireland? If you have tips for travelers; please share this with some of your insight! We’d love to hear your thoughts. As they say in Gaelic, “giorraíonn beirt bóthar”, or, “two shorten the road”.

Please stay tuned for more of the upcoming journey – you’ll be seeing some exclusive insider stuff from this next adventure. I can’t wait to show you around the Wild West of Ireland from a new perspective…

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