When it comes to folklore, history, and legends of the Wild West of Ireland, the opportunities for exploration are endless. Along the Causeway Coast in particular; you may find yourself immersed in stories of walled cities, wandering giants, and ships full of treasure.

Walls of Derry

With any good adventure, you might find yourself in need of a strong foundation. The walls of magnificent Derry are perhaps the strongest foundation in Ireland. Derry is the only city in Ireland that is fully-walled still today.

The Walls of Derry maintain brilliant architectural design and some of the first official city-planning in Ireland. In Derry, history lives within magnificent cannons to traditional music and culture. While the legendary 400-year old Walls have never been breached, the gates of Derry are open to welcoming Wild Westies. 

Legends from the Walled City of Derry
A walk around the walls in Derry~Londonderry reveals a splendid city crammed full of history, heritage, interest, and a vibrant cultural scene.

The Legend of Giant’s Causeway

The walls are a perfect stepping stone to the Causeway Coast and the iconic Giant’s Causeway. Those geologically-inclined may recognize the basalt columns as volcanic interference. Or perhaps you’ve heard the legendary story of a feisty Finn MacCool going toe to toe with a Scottish giant.

Whatever the case, the Giant’s Causeway is a magnificent exploration of Ireland’s historic coast. Walk down to the water on ancient stones that sparked stories of warring giants and cleverness of Irish heroes. Discover the strength of the Giant’s Causeway which easily mirrors the structure of Derry’s steadfast walls. Millions of years and countless stories come together to provoke the imagination of any Wild Westie.

Legends of Giant's Causeway volcanic UNESCO world heritage site mystical myth Irish folklore
Giant’s Causeway, a large stretch of staircase-shaped rocks, is the result of cooled lava from volcanic eruptions that took place over 65 million years ago.

The Girona

In the very same corner of the world; another legend shimmers from under the sea. The Girona, a Spanish Armada ship, laden with golden treasure, descended into the depths just outside ruggedly beautiful County Antrim.

Supposedly only nine people survived out of the original 1.3k aboard the ship. After striking the stony coastline of Northwestern Ireland, the ship sank and deposited its insurmountable wealth into the wild Atlantic. These remains of the past are only a little bit older than the Walls of Derry. Certainly, a testament to how well Ireland holds onto her history.

On a clear day, when you glance across the ocean for a glimpse of Scotland, know that the swift currents of the sea are history encased in gilded coins and sunken Spanish treasure. If nothing else, it is the epitome of “expect great things in simple places” – one of our favorite phrases.

Legends from County Antrim
In 1588, the ship sank beneath the harsh Atlantic waves after striking rocks at Lacada Point near Portballintrae, County Antrim.

Legends from the Causeway Coast aren’t all Wild West Irish Tours have in store for you. Castles offset against the setting sun and megalithic stone churches date as far back as the 6th century. Places of legend are not only from Irish folklore. You’ll indulge in even more legends from Star Wars (Luke’s lonely island to an old Jedi temple) & Game of Thrones (from Kingsroad to the Summer Sea).

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