What Makes the Wild West Atlantic Way so Special?

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We thought we might take a moment to delve a little deeper into our brand new tour…

The Wild West Atlantic Way Tour is an epic adventure encompassing all the best we have to offer – from Clare to Sligo, Leitrim, the newly-introduced Mayo and more, we plan to bring you the most exciting and unseen aspects of genuine Ireland. The Wild West is rife with lush countryside, friendly locals, and a few locales you might have seen in media such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and more –

But we are here to show you a fantastical world immersed in reality, rather than through a screen.

Engaging with famous landmarks and hidden treasures alike, the Wild West Atlantic Way Tour is bound to sweep you off your feet and spirit you away on a quest for the unknown – a journey through the Land of Heart’s Desire unlike any you’ll find elsewhere. Stay in homey B&Bs, walk trails guided by brilliant teachers, and seek fulfillment in the seldom and wonderful.


We spoke with Wild West Irish Tours’ Trish O’Donnell-Jenkins for a more intimate look into the upcoming tour – which we plan to loop you into in August with exclusive footage, photos, blog posts, and more!

Trish, bringing sunshine & rainbows where’er she goes!

“The Wild West Atlantic Way Tour is meant to incorporate all of the best places to visit, the best people, and the best scenery all of the tours we’ve been doing for the past several years,” Trish says.

“You can see a lot more of Ireland and what we do on our tours in one trip. This tour in particular is a good cross-section on all of our tours, and at the same time, you get the depth that we do traditionally.”


The details of the tour are given, for the most part, in our aforementioned announcement post – but Trish dropped a few new clues about potential locations.


“We drive along the Causeway Coast – the Northern Coastline of Ireland with just utterly beautiful castles…places such as Giant’s Causeway are on the map,” she said.

Something you might see along the Wild West Atlantic Way…

“Mayo was included this year as a special tribute to Sandra Ganley,” Trish added. “And Michael has some cool stuff lined up with Mayo.” What cool stuff that might be remains to be seen – but again, we’ll reveal bits and bobs toward the end of the month…

Another great chance to preview the Wild West Atlantic Way is through our video, hosted by the incomparable Rose of Mayo winner & Rose of Tralee competitor Sandra Ganley – for whom the County Mayo was added!


Trish also had this to say about the latest and greatest:

12006216_1010291708990875_2379148162247120177_n“We are excited to introduce this new tour because it showcases so much of what we’ve been working on these past seven years: our connections to the local people and hidden gems of Western Ireland, along with the iconic sites. If you only have one chance to visit Ireland in your life, this tour should be it!”



That being said, it’s also an excellent opportunity to sample what Wild West Irish Tours has to offer – to expand on future endeavors with specifications on, say, a Connemara jaunt or a sweeping Signature journey.

 Find your way, find yourself, and find adventure along the Wild West Atlantic Way – dare to be wild with us!


Expect great things in simple places.

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